Should I try to make extra Money in my Spare time?

If you are feeling like you would like some extra money then it can be a good idea to try to make some in your spare time. However, there are pros and cons of doing this and it is worth thinking them through before you start so that you are sure that you are making the right decision.


Making some extra money is always great. Having a bit more to spend means that you can buy more things, pay off your debts or save some money towards something later. This means that you will be able to have the security of having that extra money too. It can be great having a bit extra; however you decide to use it.

If you are doing something in your spare time to make extra money that you really enjoy, such as running a business, monetising your hobby or freelancing, you might even find that you can be so successful at it you will be able to give up your regular job. Even if you are not, it can still make the job feel better if you are doing something that you enjoy but being paid for it.


Some people put a lot of energy into their work or find it stressful or both. This means that they may not feel that they want to use the time in the evening doing more work. They might just want to curl up and relax or go out and socialise to burn off some steam. They may also have other things to do in their spare time such as caring for family or just spending time with family or doing a course. They may also have lots of hobbies that they enjoy.

If you decide that you want to monetise a hobby, this could be a fun way to make money. However, if there is pressure on you to make money from it, it might take away some of the fun. You might find that turning your hobby into a job just takes away the appeal. This will depend on you though and you may need to have a think or even try it to see how you feel about that idea.

You may find that doing extra work becomes tiring. You might enjoy the money but by the time you have done the work you may find you are too tired to actually have the energy to spend it. It therefore might be good to do in the short term, perhaps if you want to save up for something specific or pay off a debt but perhaps it should just be a temporary thing.

It is worth noting that some employers will not allow their employees to do a different job in addition to the one they are doing. You will need to make sure that you check if this is the case for you before you start off doing another job or else you may end up putting you main source of income under threat.

So, this is a decision that you should think very hard about. Whether taking a second job will work for you will depend on your circumstances. You need to find out whether it is something you can do and whether you can fit it in. Then think about whether you will have the energy to do it and whether you feel that you will be able to cope with the extra work. It is a tricky decision but you could always try it out and see whether you feel it will work for you or not.

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